Mosta Ladda (Major Overview Standard Loading App's database) for Electric Vehicles


Openchargemap POI data files

These below gpx files can be used to find electric vehicle chargers around your location or on your route in your navigation system.
In order to use them you must upload them in your navigation device, see your related manual. For Garmin you can use the "POI loader" application.
To view the data outside of your navigation device, you can use as example for Windows the "PoiViewer10" app from Bjorn Holmstedt‬ in the MS Store,
the "Avenue GPX Viewer" app from Vincent Neo for MacOS, for iOs the "GPX viewer" app from Jonathan Gander and for Android the "GPX viewer" app from Vectura Games.

The description field format (name field is connector, name and location) of the files is as follows:

Address location - Connector[AC T2|AC Teth.|CCS|Chademo|Tesla|Schuko, etc], kW=[num], [num]x| (can be multiple) | - Stations: [num] - Usage [Public]- Comments
- URL link like:[OCM number]

For example:
name = Chademo, kW=50, 1x|CCS Type 2, kW=50, 1x|AC teth., kW=22, 1x|Kantarellen in Jomala (AX)
description = Kantarellen, Nya Godbyvägen, 22150, Jomala (AX) - Chademo, kW=50, 1x|CCS Type 2, kW=50, 1x|AC teth., kW=22, 1x| - Stations: 2 - Usage: Public
- Comments: CCS or CHAdeMO can be used in 1 bay only. -

The following status tags are used in the first position of the name field:

no tagOperational status
#Partially operational status
##Unknown status
TmpDwnTemporary Unavailable
^Future use

If the data is not correct or missing, edit it on the OpenChargeMap website and wait for the next update.

CountryFileNumber of chargers
Andorra OCM_AD.gpx28
Albania OCM_AL.gpx4
Austria OCM_AT.gpx1246
Aland Islands OCM_AX.gpx4
Bosnia And Herzegovina OCM_BA.gpx36
Belgium OCM_BE.gpx1171
Bulgaria OCM_BG.gpx48
Belarus OCM_BY.gpx33
Switzerland OCM_CH.gpx851
Czech Republic OCM_CZ.gpx534
Germany OCM_DE.gpx23992
Denmark OCM_DK.gpx386
Estonia OCM_EE.gpx163
Spain OCM_ES.gpx12712
All of Europe OCM_EU.gpx117807
Finland OCM_FI.gpx1566
Faroe Islands OCM_FO.gpx5
France OCM_FR.gpx13553
United Kingdom OCM_GB.gpx24829
Guernsey OCM_GG.gpx15
Gibraltar OCM_GI.gpx6
Greece OCM_GR.gpx227
Croatia OCM_HR.gpx242
Hungary OCM_HU.gpx833
Ireland OCM_IE.gpx955
Isle Of Man OCM_IM.gpx58
Iceland OCM_IS.gpx893
Italy OCM_IT.gpx9292
Jersey OCM_JE.gpx21
Liechtenstein OCM_LI.gpx7
Lithuania OCM_LT.gpx286
Luxembourg OCM_LU.gpx86
Latvia OCM_LV.gpx82
Monaco OCM_MC.gpx37
Moldova, Republic Of OCM_MD.gpx30
Montenegro OCM_ME.gpx29
Macedonia OCM_MK.gpx11
Malta OCM_MT.gpx55
Netherlands OCM_NL.gpx7913
Norway OCM_NO.gpx4374
Poland OCM_PL.gpx430
Portugal OCM_PT.gpx3170
Romania OCM_RO.gpx364
Serbia OCM_RS.gpx100
Russian Federation OCM_RU.gpx1413
Sweden OCM_SE.gpx4228
Slovenia OCM_SI.gpx149
Svalbard And Jan Mayen OCM_SJ.gpx1
Slovakia OCM_SK.gpx218
San Marino OCM_SM.gpx25
Turkey OCM_TR.gpx838
Ukraine OCM_UA.gpx253
Kosovo OCM_XK.gpx5

Openchargemap export date: 10-2-2024 

Other GPX resources:

LEMNET POI downloads

Goingelectric POI downloads

Note: for other device conversions (Tomtom, Magellan, others) use for example the gpsbabel tool and select GPX XML as input format
Gpsbabel download

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Charger information

Due to the large variety in EV charger models, (beginning) drivers of electric vehicles can have trouble operating the chargers.
Also not all chargers have English menu's or texts.

Here you will find information on:

  • The model and brand of the charger
  • How to start the charge
  • How to stop the charge
  • Where the RFID reader is located
  • Other details

  • Select the size of the charger:

    LargeLarge size charger (170 - 250 cm)

    MediumMedium size charger (90 - 160 cm)

    Small Small size charger (20 - 70 cm)

    About this website

    Created by: Sordone in 2016

    Purpose of this website

    The aim of this webiste is to provide you a single place of useful information on a best effort basis when using an electric vehicle.

    The name of the website was inspired by the phrase "Måste Ladda" (meaning "Must Load") which was issued by a Hubot from the Swedish series "Real Humans" (Äkta människor) when charging was needed.


    Privacy policy

    This website does not use any cookies, hidden pixels, fingerprinting, dark pattern, etc to track you.
    I am not interested in for example selling you anything


    Most buttons or icons on the website have tips on the function or meaning when hovering your mouse over the button or holding your finger on a screen.
    Stripped buttons are indicating that the developer is making multiple versions of the (same) app.

    Country Information

    Country code information (see below) used as reference in the country focus field. Languages codes are according to ISO 639-1.
    You can use it as a "contains" filter in the spreadsheet to find app's for a country for example.

    EU flag is used for app's focussing on all of Europe.

    Country (focus) information

    Filtering data

    Importing the tab delimited file (in Excel or Google Sheets) gives you more search selection criteria via a spreadsheet.
    Download link: Mostaladda spreadsheet

    You can also use Zoho sheet to convert to Excel (*.xlsx) or Open Office Spreadsheet (*.ods) for example (> File > Download as)

    Or use Tad Viewer (available for Windows, Mac and Linux) to filter the results. Use the TSV files (*.tsv) filter on opening a file.
    Link: Tad viewer

    Example of filtered results:

    TAD Viewer

    Table data:

    Field Meaning
    Language Which language(s) does the app support according to the developer ? (list as per ISO 639-1)
    Multi version apps Does the developer make several equal looking app's with other app names ?
    User account needed Can you open/use the app without a user account ?
    Cost of the App What does the app cost in the store ?
    Review date When was the app reviewed last ?
    Up-to-date chargepoints Does the app (in general) have up-to-date chargepoints ? Known chargepoints are considered
    Country focus What countries is the app focusing on with regard to chargepoints ?
    Live update when scrolling map When you scroll the map, do new chargepoints appear automatically ?
    Link to GPS location Does the app have a function to display your current location ?
    Search on address Does the app have a function to search on an address ?
    Filter on speed Can you filter on the charging speed in kW of the chargepoints ?
    Filter on price/free Can you filter on the (free) price of the chargepoints ?
    Routeplanner via chargepoints Does the app have a routeplanner that takes you from chargepoint to chargepoint ?
    Online occupation status Does the app show if a chargepoint is occupied ?
    Link CP to navigation Can you open the chargepoint location in a navigation app?
    Provider/Network shown Is the data from the provider of the chargepoint shown ?
    Type connector Does the app show what type of connector the chargepoints have ?
    Capacity in kW Does the app show what the capacity in kW is of the chargepoints ?
    Number of connectors Does the app show the number of connectors the chargepoints have ?
    Charging costs Does the app show the cost of a charge ?
    Provider cost compare Does the app show a provider cost compare of the cost of a charge ?
    Edit chargepoint data Can the user edit the chargepoint data ?
    (Add) Photos Does the app show photo's of the chargepoint location and/or can you add photo's ?
    Favorites Can you mark a chargepoint as a favorite and filter on it ?
    Opening hours Does the app show the opening hours of the chargepoint ?
    Parking costs Does the app show the parking costs of the chargepoint location ?
    User Rating Can the user rate the chargepoint and inform others on the state ?
    Surrounding features Does the app show information about things (hotel, restaurant, other) near the chargepoint ?
    Other features Does the app provide other features ?
    Capable Is the app capable of starting (remotely) the chargepoint ?
    QR Reader Does the app have QR-code reader functionality ?
    Select charge time Can the user select the time of the charge ?
    Payment method What payment methods does the app provide ?
    Recommendation Does Mostaladda recommend the app as best in class ?

    Last updated: 7 April 2023



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